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Welcome to the payment athenahealth com. You can pay your medical bills online easily and securely. If you’ve received a paper bill, you can quickly log in to the athenahealth Patient Portal by using your email address and password.

AthenaHealth developed the online service ( for the benefit of patients. Patients used to deposit money, check the bills that were created, and then pay their medical bills in the beginning, which was not only a time-consuming procedure but also required more tasks from the patients.

However, patients now have a more simple and efficient way to pay all of their medical bills thanks to QuickPay Portal, which also makes it possible for patients to do so at least ten times more quickly than with the conventional method.

Payment athenahealth com is Payment Athenahealth’s official website. For each concern you have, there is complete information available. You can visit every component of the website to obtain additional information about how secure it is.

For the convenience of the patient, the online service will produce a bill, and the patient must go to the official website to make payment. The patient must type in the 15-digit QuickPay code before clicking the Sign In button. To prevent fraud, it is suggested to keep the code secure. The online service also provides 2 additional practical options for customers to pay their bills if they are unaware of the codes.

The patient gets two options for paying their bill: calling the support service at any time, or using the official email address. The patient portal’s payment portal is quite simple to use. Any bank credit card, including those from Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs, and several other organizations, can be used to pay for medical bills.

There are several ways to pay your bills securely through the Portal. Here are your options:

Payment athenahealth com

1: If you already have an athenahealth account – you can log in to your Patient Portal at any time and make payments toward your balance.

If this is your first login because you don’t yet have an athenahealth account, please refer to your healthcare provider’s instructions for registering for their patient portal and you will be walked through creating an athenahealth account as part of that process.

2: If you’ve opted to receive text messages or emails from your healthcare provider – one of them likely includes a balance update, bill, or e-statement. Find one of these messages and follow the prompts to make a payment. 

3: If you receive paper statements through the mail from your healthcare provider – you can follow these steps to use that statement to make a payment: 

  • Go to 
  • Enter the code from your statement 
  • Pay your bill

Your statement code will be needed to identify you. If you need assistance finding your code, you can find it in your statement as shown below:

If your healthcare provider encourages patients to check in early through email or text message – you may be able to make a payment towards your co-pay or balance during this process.

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